Different midinotes and channels for the same command



I have my Yamaha Multi DTX 12 programmed so that my pad 12 is allways the "stop"command in Live, Stop all clips is always notenumber 126 F#8. The midichannel is 10.

But now i want to assign that same "stop all clips" ALSO to my launchpad, a different note, a different channel. Without losing the command on my Yamaha.

When i play on my keyboard i can't hit the pad, but i can hit the launchpad.


Is such a thing possible? Is there a Max for Live device for this? Or a workaround?


Kokos 1 year ago | 0 comments

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    did you try using midi mapping? If you want to use the same function, you can map a button to it. Since you can map several buttons/controls to the same function, it shouldn't mess with the other mappings. Or is that not what you mean?

    1 year ago | 1 comment

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