Difference between Orchestral Ensemble Essentials 1 & 2


A few months ago I purchased Orchestral Ensemble Essentials and am very happy with it, though as many people are aware, there is now an Orchestral Ensemble Essentials 2.

Looking at the product description I can't really seem to see any differences between the two - It once again covers strings, brass and woodwinds including the special effect articulations. It's also considerably smaller than OEE 1 (OEE2 has install size of 442 mb vs OEE1's 895 Mb)

So basically I'm wondering if it's worth the purchase. Has anyone bought both ?





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    Did you ever get an answer to this?

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    Yes, I ended up emailing the guys at Project SAM a few weeks ago -

    "The orchestral sections are indeed the same, but of course the sounds and techniques that were recorded with those sections are different. You can see OEE 2 as a ‘deepening’ of OEE 1, an extension. None of the sounds in OEE 2 are included in OEE 1 .... Regarding the library size – this does not say much, because the length of the samples has a huge impact on the library size. If one library contains more lengthy samples (say, 5 second sustain samples) and another library contains more short samples (say, 1 second staccato hits) then the second library may seem much smaller, even though the amount of samples might be similar."

    So it's mainly different articulations of the same base sounds. If you've bought OEE1 you'll know there's a macro control with different settings of each instrument class, it's like that but with different ones:

    Full Orchestra - Recorded with a full symphony orchestra performing articulations in a variety of arrangements. Articulations include sustained notes, staccato notes and pre-arranged major and minor chords.
    Strings - Beautiful sordino (strings with mutes) articulations, that will work wonders for subtle underscoring or soft pop arrangements.
    Brass - 'Noble brass’ patch and muted articulations.
    Woodwinds - Includes tongue-in-cheek low staccatos featuring bass clarinet, as well as a variety of arranged textures and phrases.
    Orchestrator - Orchestrator patches combine several instruments into one rich sounding chord arrangement - great for quickly sketching harmonic structures. 
    Special effects - The arranged special effects are among the highlights of ProjectSAM’s Symphobia series. The FX racks comprise samples of exotic layered textures, from discordant woodwind beds to string glissandi to layered brass swells. Each Orchestral Ensemble Essentials 2 rack contains a set of tools to enhance the realism and production level of your track.

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