Demoing Suite while already Live user: recovering Live packs


As Live Suite was installing I selected NOT to install the additional Live Packs it was offering - fearing that it would overwrite folders of my simple Live version. But now the extra synths, for instance aren't installed and I don't see a way to recover them. All help welcome,




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    There are 2 things to consider here: your Live library (where all your presets and such get stored) and your Live program folder. You can install Live versions in separate folders so there's no reason to worry here.

    The Library otoh is a different story. If you're afraid that stuff gets overwritten simply let the installation run, start the program and then tell it /not/ to update your library.

    Instead go to preferences, check the 'library' tab and point the location of the library somewhere else. Preferably a new directory. Now let Suite 'repair' the library and you should end up with a pristine setup while your current version is left untouched.


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