Deleting sections of master track?

Ok, so I always leave a few bars of nothing at the beginning of a recording so I can monitor the noise levels when editing and adjust my sound gates and everything. I usually intend on deleting that section once I have my work completed and ready to export. However, now all of the sudden, it wont let me delete that beginning section from the master track. Ive done this before and it worked just fine, so I dont understand why it isnt working now. Anyone had this problem before and found a solution? Thanks for your help!


arrontapp27 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Eppe
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    Hi, did you select the portion of the arrangement you don't want and then select 'Delete time' from the edit menu? That should work.

    Otherwise you can drag the loop markers over the part you want to export and then export and it won't include the empty bars in the exported audio file. I usually do this, I also have a few bars of nothing at the beginning of my arrangement most of the time but then I just select the part I want to export with the loop markers and export, most of the times I don't even delete the empty bars.

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  • faxmodem
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    Thnks, worked!

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