DD305 Electronic Drums Midi Connect

I just bought a DD305 Electronic Drum Kit & am trying to connect to Ableton Live via USB/MIDI, but the DD305 does not show up in Midi list. Can somebody who has this [DD305] Kit please let me know how you got the DD305 Kit talking to Ableton? Thanks in advance, A.Kat.


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  • lee337
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    I bought one from ALDI this morning, so I only have limited experience with it.

    I plugged it into the computer and opened the Preferences and selected the MIDI/Sync tab.

    On the top section of this tab I started on an unused numbered line (In my case line 4). I left the Control Surface section at None and selected "Medeli e-Organ" under Input and left Output as None

    In the lower section I left Track selected as On in the row Input: Medeli e-Organ.

    Once I closed the preferences I selected a drum kit and dragged it into a midi channel. This should make the record button on the channel strip go red and the MIDI signals should trigger the sounds.

    At least it did for me.

    Im on ableton live 8.2.6 and OSX 10.7.2.


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  • remedydub
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    Hi everyone,

    I have a situation past these suggestions where my input is getting recorded in such a way its missing the actual desired connection.. The midi signals in this pic are different drum pads, so its inputting fine, but its not getting assigned just right at the part of the screen as you can see..As a result I hear no drums.
    Also I cannot get any live or recorded drum sounds out of ableton using the DD305 as input..Is there any trick to it?

    Its reading in ok but not landing right


    No Sound..

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