Darkstar Xp2 analog synth not working with m-audio fasttrack pro in Ableton Suite 8

Ok so I have a Darkstar Xp2 analog synth and the midi in and midi out is hooked into the midi in and midi out of the m-audio fasttrack pro sound card I have. The sound card is plugged into Ableton Suite 8 and I can get my microphone on the interface to work and I can get the sound from my sound card fine. However Ableton for whatever reason is not picking up any sound from my Darkstar Xp2 analog synth. Can anyone help me with this?


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    Maybe this is an obvious question, but: do you also have audio cables coming from your synth into your soundcard?

    If so, check every step:
    - Midi out from soundcard to midi in synth
    - midi out from synth to midi in in soundcard.
    - audio outputs synth to audio input soundcard.
    - make sure the synth is set up correctly: check midi channel, etc.

    Now, to check if everything works in Live:
    - create a midi track and an audio track (external instrument plugin also works, but not on every synth)
    - at the midi track output, select ext. out, and select the midi channel your synth is on.
    - set the audio channel to 'in', and choose the inputs of your soundcard (the ones that your synth is plugged into).

    Now check your preferences, and make sure the used audio channels of your soundcard are activated.

    If you now play a midi clip with some notes or use a midi controller to play notes, you should hear your synth play through the audio track.
    If not: one of the things above were not set correctly.

    Hope this can fix it!

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