Cue track and Master/ why do a track sent to cue is also heard in the master ?


i have a problem : i dont understand why when i set a track to the cue out , ok i hear it in my headphones but I  also hear it in the master out ?

is there a possibility to in one action set a track exclusively to the out  cue ? 

thank you
( excuse my bad english i am french)


Malk75 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    This is probably caused by the output channels. Under the master track you can set a separate cue channel. Default setting is set to the same output as the master channel.

    So if you use channel 1 & 2 as master output, and also send the cue output to channel 1 & 2, you will hear both.

    To fix this, you need a sound card with at least 2 separate stereo outputs (so 4 outputs total).

    Set 1&2 as master channel, and send cue to channel 3 & 4.

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    Hi, I have this same problem with my motu audio express. I have selected Cue out as 7-8 as that is the headphone output on the interface. I still hear audio from the track even though track activator is off; and cue is selected. Please help! Thanks

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