Creating a recording of a loop session

I've been struggling for a while on how to do real time recording while looping a clip. I don't want to just record the end results of overdub looping, but rather capture all of the looping changes from beginning to end.  Did a bunch of searching and couldn't find an appropriate answer. Tried doing rewire into Reaper, but the particular instrument I was using wouldn't load properly when doing so. This also adds a layer of complexity that didn't seem necessary.
Here is what I came up:
Create new midi Track B , and set Midi From to be Track A. Then arm both Track A and Track B for recording. Start recording a new clip for Track B, then go back to Track A and do my thing. When done, I copy the midi from the Track B clip to a new Track A clip and done. (Or guess I could then insert an instrument on Track B so that output can go to Master) 
(Addendum: considerations must be given to the length of the clips when initially setting them. And you can always take snapshots by stopping and copying the B midi over to A. Getting some interesting results.)
I'm a toddler with Ableton - is this the best way to accomplish this scenario?

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