Creating a Beat-Repeat with a brake?

How do I go about creating a Beat repeat with a brake, or a sort of effect like it? If anyone is familiar with the artist "The Phantom's Revenge" you'll know what I'm talking about. The effect is heavily used in his works:

(Around 12 seconds in, and throughout the track)


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  • Mark One
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    There are no tools in Ableton to enable you to create the 'brake' effect. I've spent ages looking into this, if you have Live on PC then get yourself the dBlue Gitch plugin which will do this. If you're on Mac then the only plugin I've found which enable you to do this is Effectrix by Sugar Bytes... I highly recommend this as a Mac alternative to Glitch.


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  • Eppe
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    Yes, dBlue Glitch is good. You can also manually create it with a pitchbend down inside the clip. Use the complex or complex pro timestretch warp mode, the default 'beat' mode wont sound right.

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  • skeej
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    There are some max 4 live devices which do this.  Check out here:

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