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Im working with a friend, who uses ableton 8.2.x.

We're experiencing problems with his lexicon reverb plugins!

When exporting audio from the finished problem, it occurs, that the reverb (lexhall) loops itself and creates an infinite feedback, which makes the extracted audio impossible to hear.

Not possible to solve the problem, we thought about creating a virtual master, because recording the plugin within the project is not a problem at all!

We actually use a virtual master for routing / sidechaining (which is actually a normal audio channel all the groups get routed to)

We now created another channel, where the collected audio of the virtual master gets routed to. We copied the master fx on this channel, deactivated it but:

The whole sound is distorted, although using the same settings and fx, the sound is completly different.

So my question is: Is the master channel in any way different from other channel strips?

Also, when recording a whole project in mentioned virtual master, a wave is written: Re-importing that file and dithering results in any hearable disadvantages?


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    Don't think there is a difference between the master channel or any regular tracks. Must have somehing to do with the way you routed it.
    Have you tried using the send channels instead of a virtual master channel?
    Maybe there is some double signal somewhere along the line, that causes distortion.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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