Crash on project load


This is now getting annoying, as Live has started crashing regularly when I 'load recent project' Certainly once a day (usually on first open in the morning) and sometimes more often than that. 
It will also 'sometimes' crash when dragging a plug-in to a track (such as a synth or compressor. (I have both Waves and Komplete happens with both)

I've installed nothing 'new' on my set up but I am suspecting that my problems are coming from JBridge

Which I use so I can use some older 32 bit Plugins. (namely Soundtoys EchoBoy)

What I'm wondering is, is there anyway anyone out there can think of to test this? (uninstalling just makes Jbridge break EVERY vst, to the point of re-install everything, or re-installing Jbridge. So that is not an option. 


Is there anyone else out there with similar crashing on opening new project and dragging plug ins?? 

If so, are you too using Jbridge?

Re-installing my 'studio' literally takes DAYS, I do not want to have to go down this route but I'm getting to a point now where I might have to :(


Thanks for the help. 


Ku77er 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • PendejoPitoMamon
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    Hello, yes i am having the same problem as you do but this is wierd because on my old pc i could load the project file really fine but now on my new pc i have it saying ableton needs to shut down i am trying to look more into this and find a solution

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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