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I'm getting this awful crackling noise when I use Ableton Live with my 002R and the Digi Audio Engine.  I know this is primarily a forum for PT but I've decided to use Live to work on some new material and I'm a bit unclear on what is causing it so I will post here and on the Live forum as well in order to fix things as it's now critical mass and I'm now in the middle of a batch of songs.....too late to turn back.  
I've updated to PT 10.3.2 hoping it would fix this but no...still the awful cracking noise. Not getting the noise in Pro Tools of course....just live to add to my frustration. I've tried toggling back and forth in Lives' Prefs between the interface noise if I use the Mac line there when I switch back to the Digi unit.  Samples setting in Live is on an even number,  Checked cables and all that my gear hasn't been moved.  What should I try next it's driving me nuts!


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    Check Preferences -> Audio -> Latency -> Buffer Size

    Run a test tone to see whether you here it there. Play with buffer size to see if latency drops.

    More details on this can be found in most of the Ableton Intro videos on setup.

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