CPU Problems When Using Speakers? CPU is fine when there not plugged in!? please help driving me mad!

hi this s really bugging me as im unable to use my alesis m1 active powered speakers (not usb). basically my cpu is absolutely fine when making tracks it doesn't not go above 15% usually but as soon as i connected my speakers via 2 RCA into my m audio fast track usb my cpu goes wild and hit like  50-80% and makes my speakers basically inaudible as you would expect when hitting this CPU. i do not understand why it does this it has never happened b4.

tech info


dell 17r 6gb ram 750gb hard drive fresh install windows 7 64bit ableton live 9.0.3

interface m audio fast track always connected through usb port (as soon as rca are into the interface the cpu goes wrong its fine when the speakers are not in)  7

speakers ( m audio fast track)

my audio settings are as follows ( bearing in mind these are not set for any particular reason so if u could help me pick the right choice that would be great!!!)


driver - asio

driver type - m audio usb asio

buffer size 256 samples

input latency - 8.21 ms

output - 8.21ms

driver error compensation - 0.0ms

overall latency - 16.4ms



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