Cpu Overload?


I'm using:

      Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series 5447. 8 Ram. Intel Core i5. Cpu Speed 1.70 Ghz.


Windows 10 - 64 Bit.


Ableton Live 8.4.2 - 64 bit.


In out Sample rate: 44.100

Output Buffer Size: 4096 Samples

Driver error compensation: 102, overall latency 195.2 Ms

Multicore Support: On

Plug In Buffer Size: 512

Default SR and Pitch Convertion: off


Driver type: MME-DirectX


No sound Card. Using the output of the Laptop (Realtek Hi Def Audio) DX


  2 Midi channels with 2 plugins running 32 and 64 bars, rhythm and lead keys. 


PG-8X  (Martin Lüders) 2 and 3 notes at a time doing Rhythm, and Tyrell N6 doing 3 notes (maximum notes) Leads.


             The Cpu hangs in 20%, sometimes spikes to 48% and hangs around 30%.

No other Plugin connected.


Is it normal with these Specs to have this Cpu load?

(When I load 6 or 8 Tyrells - no other plugins-  my Cpu Goes over 100%...) 


-Overall latency with an Mpd32 way to laggy, pushing the buffer and error size to a minimum, using Drum Racks with 6 short samples-

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