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I have Windows 7 64-bit with AMD 2.9 GHz III-core w/ 12GB of DDR3 RAM, I was running Windows XP with 3.5GB of RAM a week ago and I was not having problem with this set. I opened a set I recorded on my old OS and now I open it up in my new system and I'm constantly hearing a hissing sound and my CPU meter is around 50% and spiking around 25-52%


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    Hi Ive got live 8 intro on a duel core intel 2.8ghz 2gram and I was having some probs with CPU overload even on two tracks-one audio one Sylenth1, if I added FX it was awful. I even overclocked to 3.5ghz with no effect. I have been on the internet trawling through forums and web sites and now Its fully operational !! here is what I learned

    1 go into power options and choose performance on the drop down menu under advanced settings.

    2 Load up msconfig  and under boot choose 2 processers (if your multicore ) 

    3 your computer will need re starting

    4 reset the BIOS buy taking out the small battery on the motherboard for a few seconds( make sure the main power is off)!!

    5 replace the battery and your BIOS will be put back to normal set-up 

    6 I have an E-MU sound card ( 1820)? go into the set-up and delete any mixers until your left with only the mixers you need , for me that's two mixers.

    I'm now able to run ableton with no clipping or popping , and the CPU is at 20-30% at worse.

    some of the new synths like Carbon Electra/hive are big CPU eaters but I now can have multiple syths open at once with loads of FX!!

    by the way I'm also recording off a usb keyboard with 0 latency! no more delays for me.

    Hope this helps you like it helped me,I was thinking to change DAW because it kills any creative flow.

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  • MatthiasSpeck1
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    I'm not sure but with having that much CPU and RAM - power it should neighter be a processor nor a memory problem. Probably your hard disc isn't fast enough? I had the same problem with a larger live - set. Is the "D" lamp on the top of the right corner (next to the CPU - meter) flashing?

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