Correcting Midi keyboard input using Scale

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I'm currently 'playing' the Resonator in Ableton by the way of mapping a range of keys on my midi keyboard (using the method here - to the Note function. It works very well.

However, I will be playing the resonator along side a varied number of tracks - which I know the key of which the music was written in.

I am not a trained pianist, so I was hoping to use the Scale tool (in Ableton MIDI Effects) to correct any mis-hit keys I may play - to ensure I play in the same key as the music I'm playing along with.

However, although I've successfully mapped my keyboards MIDI CC to the resonators note function, I'm not able to insert the scale tool anywhere inbetween to correct any incoming MIDI messages.

Is there a way I can insert MIDI Effects inbetween me playing my keyboard, and my Audio track with the resonator?

In essence, can one insert Midi effects to capture and modify incoming MIDI CC? If not, is it possible to have map MIDI CC to the Resonator from the Piano roll or another internal MIDI generated source, which I could filter through the Scale tool?

Many thanks!

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Talisman 3 years ago | 0 comments

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