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I have a clip that has the audio i want on the left channel. there is noise on the right. How would I make the right side the same as the left?


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    Use the utility pluggin to isolate the left channel. There are several modes for the utility pluggin (stereo, left, right, swap, etc.). It is a very useful tool for mixing. If there artifacts (noise) left over from the right side, maybe try and place an EQ8 before the utility pluggin. Place the EQ8 in L/R mode. This will let you apply different EQs to the left and and right sides of the clip. In the "Right" side of the EQ8, use a low pass filter to cut out any noise/sound on the right side of your clip. Then use the utility pluggin. Place it in Left mode. You should a mono version of your clip made from the audio you were trying to save. 

    If you would like to give this mono clip some stereo separation, try placing a simple delay after the utility. Set the delay 100% wet. Take both sides out of the default sync mode. Set one side for 1ms of delay, and then adjust the opposite side to taste. 4-10ms is a nice subtle stereo effect, larger values will give a "wider" sound. This technique also works amazingly well with the filter delay, which allows you to change the tone of the left and right sides of the signal.

    You can then use another utility pluggin to reduce the width of your stereo effect. Very, very useful tool. It helps make room on the far left/right for your delays and reverbs.

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