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Hey guys-

The way I like working with my drums is having individual samples in their own audio track (so i can warp, pitch, cut up, whatever). The issue is that I also like to turn off the grid and move each sample around a very little bit. This takes a really effing long time and I have run into the issue that I want another sample being played at exactly the same time as another one. I know that if I was working with samplers I could just copy/paste midi, but is there a way to do it in audio?






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    The nearest I can think of:

    Let's say you've chopped up a loop and moved some bits, and now want to replace a chunk. Turn the grid on. Duplicate the whole lot so you have a spare. Create another audio track. Split the track around another drum hit. Zoom right in. Drag the sample and carefully dump it at exactly where the other one starts. If it's shorter, drag it out so it eliminates all the the original one. You can't get Live to memorise the positions of chunks of audio as far as I know.

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