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Stereo to mono help!


I’m making music for a theatre piece and I have previously always worked in stereo. With the soon coming up premiere, I’m now asked to run the music in a multichannel set up instead – 4 speakers and one sub.


Now my problem is that most of the music is already created, using a huge number of stereo samples! Now when force those stereo samples through the mono audio outputs the result is obviously not flattering, it sounds really bad.


I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions in how to save this situation! Is there for example a way I can turn my stereo samples to mono direct on each channel? Or do I create a new project – export each sample as mono and then open my current working project, replacing my stereo samples one by one with these new “mono-versions” of my old stereo samples?


(ps. I’m running the 4 speaker + one sub like following:


I run ableton 9 (from a mac), sending each audio channel to a return track, and then each return track is routed to an individual mono output in my audio interface, a Fireface UCX. In this way each channel can move around individually from speaker to speaker, simply by adjusting the amount of send.


Any suggestions on how to transform stereo to mono in this case are welcome!





Frank Julie 3 years ago | 0 comments

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    Use a utility plugin on any channel you want to make mono, and turn down the stereo width to zero.
    By the way: if some files sound bad in mono, that is simply because it was made for stereo playback. If done correctly by the composer, it should also sound ok in mono. But if there are phase differences or a lot of crashing stereo information, that could cancel eachother out, resulting in a bad sound.

    2 years ago | 1 comment

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