Converting .ASD analysis files for use with other audio formats?

What is the best way to convert .ASD files associated with a particular audio format, such as .m4a, to work with the same audio converted to another format such as .wav or .flac? 


I have existing m4a files which have good warp info in .m4a.asd files. These were created when I had 32-bit Ableton Live installed some time ago.

Now I have Ableton Live 64-bit installed and it will not accept the .m4a files... I believe this is a well-known issue where only 32-bit Live can decode m4a files given dependence on QuickTime's limitations of 32-bit only on PC. (Something like that... I assume this still applies these days.)

Given that issue, I'm interested in moving away from m4a. I either want to convert them to mp3 or a lossless like .wav or .flac (to be consistent with other lossless files I have). If I convert existing files which have an .asd, I would like to re-use the existing .asd info. For example, if I have .m4a.asd and I go to .flac, I would like to convert .m4a.asd to .flac.asd. 

The best way I've seen so far (in an online post here, I have not tried this yet) is someone mentioned loading the m4a file in Ableton and get the WAV from the cache and use it with the existing asd but renamed. Okay, that's fine if I want to use WAV, and if I remove the 64-bit Live and re-install the 32-bit (I think authorization will let me do this). Also, though, this will work if I go to .WAV, but what about other formats such FLAC? ...

The only way I can see to get .flac.asd is to export the existing file to .flac and specify to create the analysis file... I have not tried that, though, and I am only assuming that it carries forward the existing .asd. This would also require that I temporarily switch from 64 to 32 bit Live to convert the existing m4a. 

I was hoping I just encode the m4a to mp3 or wav or flac from iTunes, then somehow reuse the already existing .m4a.asd but I don't see a way to do that... seems like for the asd to work with a given format, it must run through Live to create the new .asd. (i.e., one of the above two formats.)

My goal here is to get away from m4a given 64-bit Live limitations in that area. If there's a way around that, perhaps I can avoid this... it might still be nice to know how to do the above.

It would be nice if I could take an entire library of, say, MP3s and associated .ASD files and easily batch convert them to, say, FLAC and associated new .FLAC.ASD files. I'm really hoping this ability exists in a non-cumbersome manner. 

Anyone have thoughts or experiences with this? 

UPDATE: I just tested uninstalling 64 bit, re-installing 32-bit, and the m4a plays fine... I then use the cached .wav against the m4a asd, and it works fine, metronome shows it's on beat. Interestingly, if I take that .wav and encode it to mp3 using Adobe Audition, the .asd does not work... it's slight off beat (not way off but enough to be considered "bad").

I saw one other post about how different mp3 codecs can cause different mp3 output which effects Ableton's use of the existing asd. That seems odd to me because I believe the overall time of the mp3 matches the original wav so I would expect everything to be timing based but apparently there's stuff which is physical about the mp3 based on codec used which can affect asd interpretation. This is heavily assumed/inferred... I don't know for certain. 

I'm curious if there's an easier way or a good 64-bit m4a encoder. 

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