converting als file into wav file

i am using a trial version and successfully record tracks in als format, however, when i tried to export the file to wav format, it does not record anything in the  wav file created and you hear nothing while playing the wav file through windows (7).

I may mention here that i use to convert earlier successfully als file into wav but recently this function is not working.

pls. help 


AJonableton 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    There is no .als format for audio. .als stands for Ableton Live Set and is the format of an entire Ableton Live project.
    If you want audio, you have to export your master signal in Live.
    File->export audio-> select what you want to export.
    The file that is then exported is a .wav or .aiff format.

    If you hear nothing, you probably turned down a fader somewhere in the original project, or maybe turned one of the outputs off. Another option would be to check if you have selected the correct part of your project that you want to export.

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