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Hi all, 
I have an MPK49 I use for my main MIDI controller in Live. I use a grouped rack device on all my channels, each of the 8 knobs being assigned to a different effect or whatever.
You know that "blue hand" in Live that designates what device is currently being controlled? Is there any way to force live to stick the blue hand on whatever channel is currently selected? Like, jump to the rack device when a channel is selected?
Currently it stays on whatever rack or device you mouse-clicked on last, and you have to physically click on a different rack device to move the blue hand. In a perfect world it would move when the new channel is selected in session view.
I'm using the most recent copy of Live 8.
Thanks very much!


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  • Lo-Key Fu
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    Okay... So I managed to resolve my own issue, and thought I'd share in the hope it might help you out too.
    Essentially, the Python remote mapping script I was using for the Ohm64 required an additional line of code to be added to the init function:
    self._device_selection_follows_track_selection = True
    According to a helpful soul on the Livid Instruments forums:
    "(The blue hand focus on track select is) turned off by default in the ControlSurface class, turning it on should restore the behaviour you're looking for."
    So here's what I did:
    1. Opened the original script in IDLE (Python GUI)
    2. Added the aforementioned code to the end of the 'init' function
    3. Saved, then copied the updated script back into Live's Remote Script folder
    4. Started up Live 9...
    ... And sure enough, all works as it did before the Live 9 upgrade.
    I'm hardly any kind of Python aficionado, but if you are, I'd recommend adding this line in the appropriate section using similar steps as noted above.
    Otherwise, perhaps contacting Akai for an updated script might be the way forwards?
    Hope this information helps!
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  • mcbrane
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    Lo-Key Fu hi,

    i searched this forum as i would also like that you asked at the first place. so when i change tracks in live 9.14 that i do not have to click on rack od effect to select it manually but rather that it is "auto / default" selected (shame ableton did not include that as a must be).

    i have followed your recipe. but i am stuck at:

    - not knowing what version of Python you are reffering to

    - what file, for what controller you edited it and how did you opened it in the first place.

    - you are mentioning original script is it __init__.pyc that resides in every controller folder?

    - but, if i try to open __init__.pyc with Pyton Launcher 2.7.5 nothing appears in opened window 

    - haven't got a clue about how to open __init__.pyc in IDLE - or what the command lines are...

    would appreaciate any details you are willing to share

    thank you & all best

    btw i go bcr2000 using MCE mode

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  • royston
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    I think (at least) in Live 9.7 this is already solved, because here the Blue Hand automatically jumps to the first device in the newly selected track.

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