Controlling multiple midi drum machines with one midi controller

Hi, I'm trying to find an answer but so far never found subject about it. I'd like to assign knobs to let's say pitch on one drum machine, and then be able to assign the same knob for the same function on an other drum machine (on an other midi track of course), and then be able to switch on the controller to control the pitch on the first OR on the second (but with the same knob). The advantage would be to have all the knobs for the same function, but on different drum machines, and be able to select one then an other etc...

Basically I'd like to use one mpd24 to control like 3-4 drum machines loaded in one project, I can already do that by arming the one I want to control but that only changes the pad action NOT the knob assignation right?

It's pretty hard to describe when in fact it's simple to show but I wonder if there's any way to do that with midi maps or else. If someone who's ever done that would like to share, would be much appreciated...

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  • Craftyfugger
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    you need push


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  • rubik
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    Just assign separate midi tracks to separate midi channels.
    I guess you can switch between midi channels from your controller?
    Then assign the same knob to do the same thing however on a different midi channel.

    Alternatively, use instrument and drum racks with zone selector.

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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