Controlling Live: M-Audio Axiom 61 (1st generation) vs. Arturia Laboratory 61

I'm currently using Arturia Laboratory 61 as my main controller (for Logic) and was selling my Axiom 61 until now that I decided to acquire also Live. Laboratory isn't in the list of automap compatible controllers. Axiom is but I don't know if it means only the 2nd generation version. I like the Laboratory more but is my Axiom more suitable for Live? Does the 1st generation Axiom support automapping and if it does, how useful is automapping compared to the mapping I'd have to do manually if I used Laboratory?


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    I have an Axiom 49 gen 1. It's actually very well designed for use with Live, because M-audio worked with Ableton to develop good integration between the two.

    If you set up the Axiom as a control surface and do the midi dump:

    Preset 16 will override the mapping of the drumpads to work with impulse, with knobs and faders controlling the mixer levels and panning.

    Preset 19 will... something, I forget, I never use it.

    Preset 20 is where I tend to live with Axiom, basically, you can change the global channel. 1-4 and it will allow mixer control for the first four banks of 8 tracks, and, awesomely enough, the 8 pads then become corresponding scene launch buttons, and the forward and back buttons on the transport become up and down scene nav. buttons, and the loop button turns into a scene launch button, so you can actually play through your sets from there.

    If you change to channel 16 (on preset 20), you get device control, and your 8 knobs instant map to the macros of whatever device is in focus. scene select/launch is maintained for the transport buttons, but the pads disable (so no clip launching in this mode) and the faders all disable, except for the master fader (9).


    Anyways, sorry if anything I said isn't completely clear, I wanted to link you to the downloadable Live lesson pack on this, but it got buried during the site overhaul I just thought you should know about the depth of integration with the Axiom, which is pretty good.


    The other option, though it will take some work on your part, would be to set up a user remote script.

    A couple useful articles regarding this:


    This will, in a sense, automap some functions of your Arturia board to live functions, including setting up knobs to hardmap to the selected device in Ableton. You actually might find this to be a better option if you can get to grips with the incredibly basic scripting required, but I'd suggest you look into midi mapping AND try out the options available on the Axiom and see which suits you better, or if you need to start shopping for a two-tier stand.

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