Controlling legacy Line 6 guitar effects from Ableton

I may not have my terminology correct and that may be keeping me from finding what I am looking for.  I have some older Line 6 guitar gear.  The gear is MIDI enabled, and I can already select patches from the gear using Ableton and an older MIDIMAN 1x1 USB to MIDI interface. Each of the gear has a variety of controllers internally to control the various knobs for effects in the box.  It seems like I should be able to write a custom script to "define" what the different controllers do.  Currently, everything is just controller 1,  controller 2, controller 3, etc.  I would like it to be controller 1 is the Flanger Depth. 

Can anyone recommend an example script to look at, or what I should be googling to find an example?



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    according to the manual of the Line 6 you should be able to do that directly; set up the correct channels, find the correct cc for each control and map manually.

    Did you follow the steps in the manual?

    Don't have that line 6 device myself, so not sure what the best way is. But I would start with the manual's settings for Live.


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