Controlling APC 40 via a different Midi Controller / Creating APC 40 MIDI messages

Hi All!

I'm trying to figure out how to use Roland FCB 300 Midi Foot controller to control the functions on the APC 40, particularly the bank select and clip launch functions.  

OR it may be possible that I can also achieve this by creating a midi message that does the same function as the bank select and clip launch functions of the APC, then I'd assign that message to the foot controller.  In this scenario, I wouldn't even need the APC 40.  However, this, I also don't know how to do?

I'm a guitarist, so it's very difficult to use the APC 40 while I'm playing..  The bank select feature is very useful because it allows me to scroll through all my clips with just one button.  The way the clip launch works on the APC 40 is great too, because each clip launch button launches the clip that is in that position of the selected bank.  So, if you change the position of the bank, then you also change the clip that that same button would launch.

If I can control these 2 parameters, then I think I can control all the clips with just my feet :)

(I hope this makes sense)

Does anyone have a possible solution for this, or suggestion, or resource where I can learn more about how to create and assign these kind of midi messages?


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Kbung 2 years ago | 0 comments

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