Consolidated clips : silence inserted at beginning, do not start on 1

Hi everyone,

I am on Live 8.4.1 and I have an issue when consolidating clips that has arisen recently.

Normally when I consolidate clips I get on clean clip ready to play.

But now when I use Consolidate, I get a consolidated clip but it automatically adds silence at the beginning before the clip container. Which means the clip isn't at the position I consolidated it but moved.

In other words my clip doesn't start on 1 but on 1.3 for example, and I have to go and manually adjust the clip container and set the clip beginning at the right place. Using "crop sample" command does not remove this unwanted silence at the beginning.

I am doing a lot of work and editing for a remix right now and this issue is making me waste a lot of time and throwing my samples off beat when I don't catch it.

Anyone had this issue ? 

I have tried changing grid settings and link to grid settings but still happens.

Closing and relaunching Live does not solve the issue.

thanks for your help.

PS: I realise this issue might be solved in Live 9 but I cannot afford the upgrade this month, much looking forward to it though, as always, as Live is my main work tool.

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BlackIsBlue 4 years ago | 0 comments

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