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I have Live Intro and I am trying to connect my Launchpad, Korg nanoKONTROL, and Behringer BCR2000 B-Rotary controller.  It seems like I can get only 2 of the three to connect.  I go the BCR2000 so I could control effects parameters and filters.  Any ideas?



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    Don't know if this is an "Intro" thing, but the full version of Live works fine with multiple controllers. I have at least 4 controllers connected to Live (8) through usb, and they all work fine together. Make sure you select every controller separately in the preferences, and adjust the settings. 

    If you can use only 2 of them you have to make a choice. Depends on what helps your workflow. BCR is indeed great for all kinds of parameter control. But when working on your final mix, the nanoKONTROL comes in very handy for adjusting the levels.

    However; since you have a launchpad; why not use that for triggering and level-adjustments? It has different modes that allow you to do several things. 

    In that case I would use the launchpad and the BCR.


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