Connecting audio interface while Live is operating?


I'm wondering if its possible to connectd my audio interface to Live whle I'm already working with Live?

Lets say I'm working with Live and I'm using my headphones, connected to the build in output of my MacBook Pro. But than I want to switch to my audio interface (tc electronic Impact Twin) so I connect it with the Mac and switch it on. I now have the problem, that Live doesn't show the audio interface as a possible source to send audio to.

Is there now a possibility to let Live scan the input and output options again? So far I always have to shut down Live and restart it again, to be able to see my interface in the audio preferences.

Thanks for help.



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  • JamesMiles
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    Yes you can switch audio interface after Live has already started.

    Go to your Live Preferences, and choose the Audio Page.  Select the desired audio device from the "Audio Input Device" and "Audio Output Device" pull down menus.

    It appears you have tried this?  If you have, open the Audio MIDI setup tool in your Macintosh HD>Applications>Utilities and see if your interface appears in there.  You may just have to wait a bit for it to load the drivers, TC Near software, etc.


    !!! Note !!!:  Check your interface manual before connecting a Firewire interface while the Mac is powered up.  Firewire can supply about 25 volts, and a few Watts of power.

    "Hot-Plugging" a firewire device can potentially damage the device, or you Mac/PC computer.  (I have blown a Firewire port on my iMac before... not fun... not cheap to repair)

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    Thanks for the answer.

    So I start Live and the interface is switched off. I'm using headphones.

    Than I switch on the interface. I'm waiting for a moment. The Audio MIDI setup tool is showing the audio interface. Other audio sources from the mac are playing automatically over the interface. In the Live Preferences Audio Page the interface doesn't show up. So I can't select it.

    When I shut down Live and restart it, than the interface shows up under the Live Preferences Audio Page. Now I can select the interface and sending and receiving audio thru the interface is possible.

    So is there a possibility to let Live scan the audio in and outputs without having to restart it?


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