Connecting ACPAD (generic MIDI Controller) to LabVIEW and Map Keys

Hi everyone,


I'm quite new to ableton, but I have watched a whole bunch of tutorials and got a good overview now (I hope).

I'm using ableton to connect my ACPAD (, play live music, loop, and control sound effects for my guitar. So I'm not building big arrangements or so.

The ACPAD got 8 pressure sensitive pads. When I connect it, and play a midi-channel containing the Operator-Synth the pads are automatically mapped to different sounds on the keyboard. Its not a scale, it more seems like Chord-tones to me.

Can anyone tell me how I can map my 8 pads to a normal C-major-scale, or any other scale?

I think there should be some straight forward way to do that, without mapping every pad itself to a specific note, is that right?


I have basically the same problem, when using a drumkit. I would like to change some mappings, so that the basedrum will appear on a different pad. In the drumcomputer I can just change the sound of each pad wich works, but when I want to use a different drumkit, I have to change the samples again, wich is not really straight forward.


I'd be glad for anyone who can help me with this, and I hope I'm not asking for some basic-function in Ableton I haven't found yet.


Thanks in advance!!


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