Same issue here!!
    ceyler 4 years ago
    Did you still need help with that ableton issue? cause you have to change the display settings to a 100% or 125% size on your windows computer. That was my problem.

    Control panel/appearance and personalization/display/change size of all items

    it should be easy to find for windows 8 users, It was for me.
    oh and be sure to do this before trying the AbsoluteMouseMode correction.
    Steven07161987 4 years ago
    It did work for me. I change the display from 125 down to 100. Restart the laptop and everything looks very small alright, but the parameters are seem to work and responding to the mouse command. I guess from now on all we have to do is zoom in manually. Which is not a problem at all. Thank you all for your responses.
    djjammindave 2 years ago
    Here is a video tutorial on changing your mouse behavior in ableton as well as getting your screen resolution back to normal afterwards.
    dezynix 7 months ago