I'm experiencing the same problem with Push,
    The drum sequencer will be loaded automatically, by loading a Drum Rack, however about Melodic Step Sequencer, it's not there when I load an "Instrument Rack", and the "Note" button doesn't help neither.
    Mehregan 4 years ago
    i am also experiencing the same problem with pushing the note button, nothing happens, it stays in that mode.
    i have downloaded the updated version of live, but when i look at "about live" it does not show the updated version.
    so i am not sure, but i have had this problem since i push.
    if anyone could help i would be grateful
    johnhuszagh 2 years ago

    did you resolve that problem?
    i have push 2 and the same problems...

    kr, nick
    worthintone 2 years ago