If i'm not mistaken Live 9 doesn't have folder called 'Template' inside User Library

    If you previously installed Live 8 and keep it's library then 'Template' folder will be available inside Live 8 Library (which available in Live 9 Browser as well)

    Correct me if i'm wrong.

    aardvarkk has explained the right way ;)

    aldywaani 4 years ago
    If you make a folder called "Templates" inside the "User Library" folder and save projects there, they become available as project templates for future use. This means that after opening Live, you can select a template to work from, and your project will still be "Untitled".

    Unlike using a normal Live set as template, these "real" templates cannot be accidentally overwritten since the project default save directory is not "User Library/Templates".
    heybuddy 3 years ago
    Can you please explain how this is done? Thank you!
    guitar346 2 years ago