I follow all the steps and do not work properly Euphonix MC CONTROL with Mackie protocol under Lion...
    If Ableton do not plan supports Eucon i will a very unhappy Live user...

    TFIN 5 years ago
    Mackie Control works with MC Control, I am liking it alot since getting it sorted!
    djmichaelwenz 4 years ago
    On Mountain Lion?
    Doesn't work.... For me...


    Works but you use a very small part of your controller...
    Please EUCON support!
    TFIN 4 years ago
    Limited control, just listen to user requests and start supporting Eucon - thanks!
    IncaPonca 2 years ago
    PLEASE get native EUCON support working. Using Push is great for composition but it is not nearly what we need for professional mixing in Live. As others have noted, the kluge described above isn't working reliably. PLEASE Ableton.
    dbone 2 years ago
    It does work (for some) with Mackie Control protocol, but only in a very limited way. Volume, pan, mutes and solos and that's it.
    dave baker 1 year ago