I'm having similar issues since upgrading to Mac Os X Mavericks. Can't even make music right now. Ableton crashes every time, guaranteed. When dragging and dropping instrument patches into the arrangement area or in session view, the mouse will not let go of the patch and the typing keyboard will completely crash. The mouse will either continue to move around without letting go of the patch or won't move at all while still holding on to the patch. Either way I'm not able to click on absolutely anything at this point and the only way to fix this is to hold the power button to shut down my computer. This seems to occur randomly when dragging and dropping a patch. This has happened 4 times now.
    brandononthebeats 4 years ago
    I've had the same problem. Entire computer freezes and I have to force restart it.
    nashbyron 4 years ago
    I have the same problem, only when i'm in ableton, the system keeps running, even ableton keeps playing and sounding but there's nothing to do, it's like if the computer lost total control of trackpad and keyboard (on MacBook Pro), if someone find the fix for this bug please let me know future.feelings.music [at] gmail .com thanks a lot
    FernandoDimare 4 years ago
    Same issue. I guess I should have checked the Ableton site before upgrading to Mavericks.
    chuckji 4 years ago
    this crash has been happening only in Arrangement view and seemingly since
    i’ve upgraded to Mavericks..

    i do most of my work in a live theater environment in Session View and have not had this problem at all.

    but in the studio, with two different projects now (which are both late btw..) i’m making arrangements for rendering
    and i lose the mouse cursor, including the trackpad and spacebar control and ability to switch applications..
    i’m stuck in Ableton with the sound and counter running, but otherwise cannot regain control of the computer.

    so i do a hard restart and send in a crash report.
    fourth one since Nov 5.
    mainly because most of my work is in Session mode.

    but i have some important rendering to do.

    MacBook Pro 2.53GHz, Core i5, 8GB ram
    on MOTU Ultralight.
    zaloo 4 years ago