ecornell - Sorry for my late reply, I was busy and didn't have time to try it.

    Finally I understood what was going on :
    -Push pads send aftertouch like my midi keyboard, but in a more sensitive.
    I explain : when I play with my M-audio axiom pro, I need to press hard to get the aftertouch respond with push even a lower pressure can make the aftertouch work. So everything work fine... I can use Push to control any of my hardware gears that is plugged in Midi !!! For the prophet 08 you need just to set
    Midi Channel = All channels
    Midi Sysex sen/Receive = On
    Midi Controller Send = On
    Midi Controller Receive = On
    Parameter send = NRPN
    Parameter Receive = All
    Midi Out Select = Out
    Midi Clock setting : Midi In (if you are not using the internal Arpegiator or poly chain)
    klassix 4 years ago