jbridge just doesnt work with certain 32bit plugins, and it hogs so much ram everytime you use it. I have it and paid for it but it crashes Ableton so often that youre better off without it.

    I am looking for a 32bit host thats lightweight and can run in rewire mode but havent found oune so I am going to just install 32bit Ableton, and run that as my 32bit host which has rewire, so yes Iunderstand what the original poster is saying.

    On top of that you will get the benefits of if the 32bit plugin crashes 32bit ableton it more than likely wont crash the 64bit ableton which I need.

    If anyone knows a rewire slave 32bit lightweight host let me know. preferably free.

    Proc: 8x4GHz AMD
    RAM: 32GB
    OS: Win7 64bit
    acidshell 4 years ago