Not so simple.

    Orders can't be processed from that horrible demand on day one until now, by order or "invoice number", it's simple : they did it, a gear being not a midi with features like another Launchstuff or Axiom Xth edition like if they believe we dunno that keys will quickly change of "weight pressure" feeling, I can't believe some performances @ Youtube specially classical music being... sounding like my Steinway if not better (I'm rusted maybe, lol)

    The 2nd factor is where you live.

    I stop here by saying : it shows me "2-4 weeks" in the Shop and I live in France.

    Well, I could bet (and never do it unless being trusting wich is even more rare than beting on a "variable" subject.

    We even have some dealers with nominated gear waiting to be charged or cancelled and then becoming available for the first to catch it...) ; and it's not because Berlin is close, since they ship from NYC if I'm right. Or several US places.

    Do your pre-order if you want it. I wish to do it but just can't, if you have this luck just do it and be cool on the shipment chaos which was predicted, evident, not possible to be without losses of some dudes or place in the world related issues...
    Blendton 4 years ago