Not sure.... Ignored, lol, as I kknow it's Ableton the "ruler" in terms of communication.

    BTW did you saw - for instance here or in forums, that early pre-orders (not all but cases are enough to give the clue) must be cancelled then redone because remember, you were hunderds of thousands simultaneous demanding what even UPS Int. or on the making side, a giant asian industry leader could build ...

    It might be not enough taken into account that I don't wanna share the "disaster" it made to Ableton's whole computer network/datacenters ...

    And as a proof of authentiicity I just try to calm nervous feelings you may have, being even NOT pre-ordering and without at least a single little MIDI gear other than kb-mouse stuff (bloody slut is life sometimes, I mean issues being dependent to gather and fall together, never turn by turn lol

    Push is some dream I can't access for a disabled musician therefore my attempt to make you feel... with your shitty issues too lol but Push late shipment is a false one I think. Or you might be aware about cancel/re-order (even if you were charged, it's a matter of ONE little phonecall to tell them you just "reset" some lost data, they won't be evil like "multi-charging users" for one half a k$ or worse, if Suite bundled with, a full k$ (I wrote $ for euros, it's a bit higher than here for dollars which is normal)

    In brief : they failed to do the "Push worldwide" thing.

    So what ? It was known to be a dated disaster when they announced March 5th, and people having received theirs are posting crap because of a white color being not equal on pads, ignoring solutions (some clicks to put a python scrupt somewhere)

    ... You lucky about to enjoy that gear ! :D
    Blendton 4 years ago