btw, what a pompous and arrogant answer TONE DEAF. I hope this reply is not an 'official correspondence' from Ableton. Being that some one from Ableton named Ableton_David linked to the above response from here,

    Since he linked to this response, I am going to assume it is and have one thing to say to Ableton and as a company, they should take heed.

    End users could care less if ABLETON NEVER releases what comes out in a future release, blah blah blah….That response is beside the point and evasive.

    If Ableton chooses to ignore the requests of their customers, then those customers will just stop buying LIVE updates and go back to sequencing elsewhere and recording in an alternate DAW.
    LIVE is not the be all and end all of DAW software.
    windrumscoggin@gmail.com 6 years ago
    "LIVE is not the be all and end all of DAW software."
    Far from that!
    It looks like Ableton just lag behind while the other are improving big step.
    Proj3ktDharma 5 years ago