I too cannot access any of my own sounds (wav, aiff, rex) from any of the folders that I add to the "Places" area of the left sidebar. The first folder will be added but nothing will show in the "Name" area upon clicking on the folder I added. I've tried a couple of things already that didn't work, like renaming my Preferences.cfg file and entire database folder/restarting Live 9.0.6.

    I even uninstalled/reinstalled and now I've lost my Live Packs. I had a version 8 beta installed (64-bit) which I also uninstalled. No luck, still stuck.

    The browser worked fine in previous versions up until 9. It seems to have broken with the update. If I click "Show in Explorer" I can certainly browse the secondary drive that holds all my sounds, but that's hardly ideal. I really need to be able to preview and have quick access to everything as before.

    I'm using Windows 7 64-bit with 16 GB RAM.

    I did send an email to support. Waiting to hear back.
    Hypermind 4 years ago