Method One: really clever and not confusing at all!! It will make more comfortable my next show I'll only care about playing notes. Not more moving faders or tweaking knobs in complicated parts... very usefull for me!!!

    Method Two: Perfect with the loopback MIDI device creation. I don't understand how to set the parameter from the output of the loopback MIDI to the parameter I want to control in the return track.
    leotone 6 years ago
    Method One: This works, but there's weird phasiness that doesn't happen with normal return tracks. I can't seem to make it go away, either with Delay Compensation or time adjustments.

    Method Two: I can't figure this out...:(
    aviavi 5 years ago
    2 problems with the "return to track" method:

    1) the signal needs to be 100% wet, or you'll get the "phasiness" that aviavi mentioned.

    2) for some reason if you use a looper using this method, there's no way to get the looper to NOT feedback. Which is weird, since I do this all the time with a normal analog mixer... which means something about the send / return in ableton works differently than it does in "real life"
    vernonjd 2 years ago
    Method One:
    As pointed out, this can produce an uncompensated delay (i.e. "phasiness") coming from the Return track when Live doesn't compensate for audio coming out of Return tracks. This results in audio being out of sync. Here's a quote from Ableton on this topic:

    "Return tracks are not compensated when routed back to an audio track if the respective Send on the destination track is active. To restore the correct delay compensation for Return tracks routed to Audio tracks, disable the respective sends. You can disable a send by right clicking on the Send knob and choosing "Disable Send". For example, if you route Return Track A to Audio Track 1, right click on Send A on Track 1 and choose "Disable Send" to restore the correct latency compensation." Full article at https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209072289-Latency-and-Delay-Compensation-overview

    Ableton says this applies to version 9.2 and later, but I'm still getting unsynchronized/delayed audio when I route a Return track to an Audio track using all methods listed on this post.

    Method Two:
    Wow. I'm giving up trying to comprehend this. Lost me at setting the MIDI output of an Audio track.
    Pup 9 months ago