Michael, Thanks, that is exactly what I was attempting to do is create a drumrack and move it to another computer with samples included. On the 2nd question. I have some loops loaded into drumracks that tempo sync to global tempo when triggered and some that don't. this is confusing to me. Do you know why?? Super thanks for your help. DB2
    Dirty Beat Duo 4 years ago
    Hi, thanks for the advise on this. What should I do when I don't get anything showing up in "current project" when I drag the saved drum rack I created there. Many thanks
    monte32 3 years ago
    Hey Monte,

    I had that same issue as well. Rather than dragging to the current project folder, create and save your drum rack and then open it in a live set.

    Once you have it open go to the View section of the Menu Bar and you should see the "File Manager" selection. Click on that and the right side of Ableton should expand to show you the File Manager. From there collect external files and create a live pack. You should be good to go!
    Rut 3 years ago