thank you very much. I would very much like to see this as a Live Pack. I like the loop sample above - good job.
    spec1985 6 years ago
    Yes, Could you please export this to a live pack!
    Phillyvanzetti 5 years ago

    Could you explain your "looper rack". I have looked at a couple tutorials but they are over my head. One thing I don't understand is why can't you just put a different looper on a different track? Why the need to rack them? When I think of the RC-50 I think of 3 separate tracks. Is this possible in Ableton? Or do you have to rack them?

    Also, I'd be interested in your setup file as well if you ever get to posting it.

    monkey69 5 years ago
    It is not clear as to how you have manged to connect the FCB 1010 and control Live. There as some instllation files speciially required for the FCB 1010,which you have to copy to the Ableton MIDI scripts folder.
    Bai65 5 years ago