But doesn't each slot have to have to have a clip in order for the group track to work in this way?
    Pokeymoke 5 years ago
    Sure, but this is a requirement of Follow Actions anyway - an empty clip slot tells Live "this is the end of a group of Follow Action-related clips."

    If you want an "empty" slot to still be part of a FA group, you could always create a silent clip.
    Dennis DeSantis 4 years ago
    Thanks. I thought so.
    Pokeymoke 4 years ago
    I hesitate to ask a question within a question but all the context is here already... hope someone sees my post!

    Using the group follow actions method described above:

    If I set up the follow action to Other (or Any) and launch a row of clips as if they were a scene, they all play together but the next set of clips that play are all taken from random rows, some above and some below the previously played clip. Basically, as Dennis said, each clip received an independent follow action command rather than slaving to what the group 'clip' is doing.

    That is fine in some cases, but what if I want to launch one row of clips, and then another *complete* row (at random)? This would be closer to what I expect from a scene launch workaround.
    vitaminB 4 years ago