Drive letter changing shouldn't cause this.

    I have the same issue, sometimes i will load a file and there are thousands of warp markers there and i have to select one and then press (Ctrl + A) and then the Del key and start all over again.

    I wonder if it's caused by a previous crash? or incompatible warp markers from a prev version. Or maybe even when sample rates on my soundcard have been changed.

    Dunno what the cause is but i really need this fixing too!

    p.s I'm still using 8.1 suite i haven't upgraded yet... i was just about to when i read this post of yours.
    Milkster 6 years ago
    Are these mp3s? Or are they .wav/.aifs?

    When using mp3s, warp markers may be corrupted when moving between machines with different mp3 encoder/decoders.
    Dennis DeSantis 6 years ago