I´m looking for the templates folder as well. I know the option you described above. but I have more than one template and I´m used to do the trick, afro-dj-mac talked about here: http://afrodjmac.com/2012/06/24/custom-ableton-live-templates/ This is really handy, because I have different templates for different tasks. jammin, production, practising & recording piano etc.. Can You help?
    bootykowski 4 years ago
    Just to clarify (from my experience and following this thread) - if you are using Live 9 and you want to have templates available, you should beware of the following.

    Your template and your Templates folder will not show up until you restart Live 9.

    If you try to create your own folder called "Templates" outside of the User Library, the folder will appear empty. It is possible that you might just need to restart Ableton like you do w/ the User Library and then your templates will show up, but I did not try this.

    netpoetica 2 years ago