@tomate This thread is about seamlessly using 32-bit plugins inside a 64-bit Live 9, which is slightly different than your issue with Serato.

    To use Live 9 with a 32-bit host like Serato... find Live 9 in the Applications folder (or equivalent on PC), right click on the Live 9 app, navigate to 'Get Info' (Properties on PC), and select 'Open in 32-bit mode.' Restart your computer. Next time you try to host Live thru Serato, it should work (since both Host and Slave are speaking in 32-bit language).

    Alternatively, if you never need Live 9 to run in a 64-bit environment, go to your downloads page on your Ableton online account. If you bought a licence, there should be a 32-bit installer available for you to download.

    Hope this helps!
    ryanphickey 5 years ago