I think you don't really understand what the discussion is about. People are wondering where the *modulation* in the arrangement view has gone. You're talking about what you can do with automation.

    The big difference is that modulation is clip based, so if I want some knob to turn every time the clip loops, I'd use modulation. If not, automation. So why not copy-paste the automation?

    Imagine you have a 1 bar loop in the arrangement view stretched out out for 6 minutes. Now I want to make every last beat a bit softer. With modulation, I only have to draw that in once. With automation I have to draw it in, and copy-paste it over the whole length. And then I decide I want it a little less softer... You get the picture.

    I already found out that you can overcome this by copying the clip to the session view and back. Workflow killer.

    If this is not a bug, then Ableton has taken away functionality that impacts at least my workflow in a big way.
    mossie23 4 years ago