thanks, michael. Like I said, I'm new to Live, and still trying to get a grip on all the things I can do.

    The real goal for me is to record the midi input from a controller that I use to control the scene and clip launches in a session, and use that recorded midi to later repeat that session.

    Really, the controller is not even part of the question, as I could just manually create a midi clip with the notes that are mapped to the various session functions and play it.

    I am a little confused when you say it works the same way, I didnt think what I am trying to do worked at all in Live 8 other than with MIDI loopback? It doesn't seem like something a lot of people are trying to do, so I am also wondering if there is not another way to get to the same functional end and I am just not thinking properly in terms of Live.
    Michael Five 5 years ago